Kandara Massage

Now open near metro I.P. Pavlova – Praha 2

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Choose between individual massages and packages that include samples of many kinds of massage.

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Kandara Massage is a salon in Prague 2 offering a wide range of relaxing and healing massages, from traditional thai massage to aroma oil massage and hot stone therapy. In addition to our choice of individual treatments, we offer packages of varying duration. Choose from different combinations of massages to enjoy a comprehensive and harmonious experience in a calming and relaxing atmosphere.

The massages are performed by a native Thai professional masseuse who is certified by both Thai and Czech authorities.

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Traditional Thai Massage

Clears energy pathways through stretches, pulls, compressions.

Herbal Compress

Pressed over the entire body in order to reduce muscle stress, vitalize organs and stimulate senses.

Back and Neck

Treatment dedicated solely to the pain and tension in your upper body.

Aroma Oil

Harnesses the body’s sense of smell and oils are carried into the blood stream to help relieve stress, boost moods and improve general wellbeing.

Foot Massage

Provides relaxation, balance in the body’s various systems, and healthy blood circulation.

Hot Stone

Warms up tight muscles so the masseuse can work deeply and more quickly on parts of the body.

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Kandara Massage

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